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Jump-Up Training

December 21st, 2011

Jump-Up Training

I’m experimenting this week with some additional hawk training this week to keep Sable in top condition through the winter. When I trapped her, Sable’s keel was exceptionally sharp and this seems to maintain it’s shape despite my best efforts to ‘beef her up’ with higher food rations. This doesn’t do much for hunting episodes, but I do want to make sure that she’s got enough muscle to fly properly when we do hunt. These exercises are part of that training.

As you can see by the video episode, she jumps up the the glove on each whistle command. There are 17 total jumps to the glove for food reward. One of the things I enjoy most about Sable is her easy-going personality.  She is not tethered for these training exercises, and follows commands and pays attention for the duration of the training session. When I need to take care of her feet for inspection and such, I can hood her, sock her up, and take care of her talons and feet. When I’m done, she pops back up to the glove like nothing ever happened.

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Red-Tailed Hawk pulled out of Car Grill

October 19th, 2011

Oct 19th : Red-Tailed Hawk Get’s stuck in grill of a car. Story – Video as originally seen on ABC News.

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Slow-Motion Video of Goshawk Flying

June 11th, 2011

I thought this was pretty neat to watch a hawk in slow motion.

Slow Motion Goshawk

* Original Video courtesy of BBC

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Tahoe to the lure : Video

March 11th, 2010

Tahoe Flies down to the Lure

A second video post of a hunt a week ago with Tahoe flying down to the lure at the end of the hunt.  This is good response to the lure, as you hear a brief whistle, and then you see Tahoe come down out of the tree and land on my gauntlet.

Call to Videographers

During the hunting season I usually go out 2 times a week for hunting.  I would love to have some more video of Tahoe on a hunt, especially the part where she makes a catch.  If you are interested in helping film content for The Austringer Blog, please leave a comment or contact me! Thanks!

*Video credits to the videographer, D2.

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Tahoe feeding on the Lure : Video

March 9th, 2010

Tahoe feeding on the Lure

I was out hunting the other afternoon with a group of friends and we were able to catch some video of Tahoe feeding on the lure at the end of the hunt.  Our conversation turned to a “what-if” scenario when trained hawks don’t come down when they are called. It was a good day’s hunt, going out in a nearby woodlot searching for the bunnies.  Tahoe took one good swipe at a squirrel during the afternoon, but was pestered by mobbing crows and an angry resident red-tail.  With the weather getting warmer, it’s been difficult gauging weight and performance lately. More stories to come as the hunting season comes to an end.

Video credit and my Thanks  goes to my good friend, D2.

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