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Mystic the Barn Owl is Home!

July 23rd, 2015

Mystic the Barn Owl is Home!

After a long 7-hour journey from Buffalo, New York, Mystic has arrived and is settling into our Falconry Family!  We have set up a small little play area in the basement in order for her to interact with the daily noises and activity that tends to go on in the household.

About: Barn Owls are one of the most widespread owl species in the world.  The Barn Owl can adapt to a variety of open habitats all over the world, with the exception of Antarctica.  Barn Owls hunt at night by flying across open grasslands and fields in search of small rodents.  A Barn Owl family can consume over 100,000 mice per year!  The male Barn Owl collects prey with his agile flying and stealth techniques, while the slightly larger female Barn Owl stays behind on the nest, usually within a tree cavity, old building, or next box to feed and protect her chicks.


Born:  June 6, 2015

Clutch:  1 of 4

Sex: Currently Unknown (best guess at this stage is female)

Weight: 625g

Height: 14-20 in

Wingspan: 40-45 in

Habitat:  Grasslands, deserts, marshes, scrubland, and farms

Range: All Continents except Antarctica

Life Expectancy:  Up to 11 yrs in the wild, up to 25 yrs in captivity

Young:  ‘Owlet’

Group: ‘Parliament’


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