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Michigan Hawking Club Picnic 2014

July 29th, 2014

Summer Picnic 2014 for the MHC

The Michigan Hawking Club holds it’s annual picnic in the summer as a way of keeping our community together during the non-hunting months of the summer.  The picnic is a great time to catch up  with falconry friends and talk ‘hawk’ all afternoon. Our picnic hosts have lots of help to put on this event and the club membership is always grateful for their hospitality.

[ Here’s the group shot for this year.  That’s me on the far right with Cedar. ]

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MHC Summer Family Picnic

July 28th, 2013

MHC Summer Family Picnic

The Annual Michigan Hawking Club Summer Family Picnic was this weekend and it was a great time, right up until the rain hit.  The photo above was taken just in time before the down pour started getting everyone wet, including the birds.  There were many folks who came to share in the wonderful joy of our sport.  We also had some new birds on display this weekend, with many falconers proving background stories, history, and hunting adventures with the folks that came. It was a great day for raptor lovers with the Michigan Hawking Club.


Cedar was my ambassador for the day, as she did a great job perching for  photos and sat graciously perched on the glove for a few impromptu hawk talks.  Falconers from all over the state brought their birds as well.  Pictured below are a few of the other Raptors that came and were perched for photo-ops and admiration.  The bonus experience for me for the day was holding the Goshawk after coping.

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