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Early October Hunting with Cedar

October 15th, 2012

Early October Hunting with Cedar

The past week has afforded several more hunting / training opportunities for Cedar. We’ve been able to get out to the field each day this week with the nice fall weather. Truthfully, the cooler weather, the better, as it is easy to work up a sweat hacking through the thick undergrowth. The early season for hunting in October is challenging with the leaves still on the trees and shrubbery still thick and standing. The dense undergrowth makes it difficult to walk through due to the green branches that have not dried out yet from the cold. These small thickets and densely covered areas are the key places where it is most likely to find game. Rabbits love to hide in the thick briar patches where there is food AND cover.

It will take another three weeks or so for the leaves to fall completely to the ground in Lower Michigan. The leaves are already about half way done in the upper part of Michigan. The annual bird hunt weekend is scheduled appropriately in order to fall on a weekend at the tail end of leaves falling off the trees. This makes it much better for having good shots at grouse.

These hunting excursions have been conducted in order to continue working on Cedar’s hunting ability and to get her out to fly each day. We continue to work on her hunting and falconry skills with the routine. Each activity should build on the next, and as much as possible, it’s the falconer’s job to provide that. In the case of actually finding game in the field, this is a little more luck than skill, unfortunately. Cedar has been extremely well behaved in the field, flying ahead to perches and moving along when called. I’m particularly impressed with her ability to pick higher perches and move up when appropriate. So far, she has the great beginnings to making a great falconry hawk. Stay tuned for more adventures.

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