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MUCC Outdoorama 2013

MUCC Outdoorama 2013

The M.U.C.C. Outdoorama was this February 22-25 at the suburban showplace collection in Novi, Michigan. This is an annual show event that provides a wonderful educational experience for folks who are interested in the outdoors and outdoor recreation. It’s always a good time to introduce folks to raptors in an up close and personal manner.

Late Season Falconry Events

Late Season Falconry Events

OutDoorama 2011

This weekend has been quite eventful for my falconry activities.  First, on Friday was OutDooRama.  Michigan OutDooRama is a sportsmans expo with all kinds of displays, booths, and equipment for the Michigan Hunter.  The Michigan Hawking Club has a booth every year to promote falconry and educate the public about our raptors.  I spent Friday afternoon at the show, with Tahoe, talking to folks about our club, how we care for birds and a little about hunting with my Red-Tail.

Hunt Adventure 1

Saturday Morning, I went out to a local hunting spot with Tahoe and we got two slips at a bunny rabbit right off the start of hunting.  The rest of the morning we were unsuccessful at finding that rabbit again, and didn’t see any additional game.  It was nice to get out and the weather shows signs of getting slightly warmer.  Heck, after hunting in sub-25 degree winter weather since December, these days when it gets about 34 degrees are just a treat!

Hunt Adventure 2

Sunday afternoon provided another hunting opportunity for Tahoe as we went over to a close spot to get in a quick hunt.  I got her out of the box and she took to a tree right off the glove. She bounced around a few perches and then settled in.  I was walking a ways away, calling for her to follow along. After a few minutes, I couldn’t see her any more. I attempted to wait her out like I usually do, but she wasn’t coming along.  I spent the next twenty minutes looking for her with telemetry and finally spotted her deep  in the middle of some cat-tails.  Apparently, she had hidden herself so she could eat her meal that she caught.  She came up to my glove without hesitation, but she was lumbering along a little slow, she barely made it up to my glove.  Her crop was full and all that remained were a few feathers on the ground with a few blood spots dotting the snow.  I totally didn’t get to see her catch her meal, and I totally missed her eating it as well.  It wasn’t a spectacular hunt, but at least she was successful and got to eat a good meal.  It was successful for Tahoe today!


MUCC Outdoorama 2010

Outdoorama Accomplished

This past weekend I participated with the Michigan Hawking Club in one of the premiere education events of the year. MUCC Outdoorama is a great opportunity to educate folks about the sport of falconry and share my love for raptors.   It was a great time for me as a Falconer and as an educational ambassador to the sport of Falconry.

Fellow Falconer Craig F. with “Reno”, Author with “Tahoe”.

The Educational crew from the MHC club on Friday night, complete with the club mascot in the foreground, “Bigfoot” the Eurasian Eagle-Owl.

Hawk Talks at Outdoorama this weekend!

Hawk Talks at Outdoorama this weekend

Don’t forget to stop by the 2010 Outdoorama show at RockFinancial Showplace this weekend(25-26-27-28) for all things hunting, fishing, and great outdoor adventures. The Michigan Hawking Club will have a booth for raptor displays and ‘Hawk-Talks’ to anyone who stops by for a visit.  Please support your local wildlife and conservation clubs!