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Early Training

October 17th, 2009

Early Training

Three weeks after Tahoe’s capture, we are working through training lessons to mold and shape her into a high quality game hawk. Just getting to a training state of mind has been a challenge for my first raptor.  Her capture weight was 1147g and that was on the high side, considering she was trapped with a super fat keel and a full crop.  Taking off the extra weight to bring her full attention to training has been a trying task.
We have worked through the initial steps of training to get her to step to the glove and then take a good leap to the glove for a tidbit.  She went out into the mews without issue this past weekend, yet will not recognize the glove immediately.  Training in the house with very short flights to the glove worked out well for the initial sessions. Training lessons can be quick and short, or completely unproductive.  As a falconer, you are looking for a quick, focused, attentive bird.  She should respond to the whistle and the glove immediately in order for the training to have any meaning for her.  A short summary of the lessons completed so far, in order:

  • Eat off of the fist
  • Hop to the glove
  • Jump to the glove
  • Fly to the glove
  • Hit the Lure (hard, immediate)

This week we are down to 875g and she seems to be getting better at her response times.  Continued repetition and positive reinforcement will hopefully provide a positive training experience for her to be able to fly free in the field.

Happy Training!

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