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Kevlar Falconry Gauntlet

March 10th, 2011

Kevlar Falconry Gauntlet

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I received a new gauntlet the other day as a replacement / enhancement to my falconry equipment bag.  This Falconry Glove is made with Kevlar; it’s sewn into the thumb and forefinger area of the glove as a further prevention to minimize the ‘grip’ of a raptor, which can be very strong.  At first, this gauntlet is slightly smaller than my full columbia cuff gauntlet, but appears to have the same design.

My first reaction to this new glove is that it’s incredibly stiff and it hurts to move my fingers inside.  So, I’ll have to get some leather conditioner on this gauntlet and work itinto the leather and kevlar to make it usable. I might as well have a stump at the end of my hand!  Another friend wondered if they molded the gauntlet from the Hulk! heh!

Stay tuned into my next post where I detail the ballistics report on the glove.  I’m going to try to ‘catch’ a bullet with my kevlar glove!  😉


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