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First Hunt of the Season

October 9th, 2010

First Hunt of the Season

This past week has been an extraordinary week of incredible fall weather.  It has been perfect: clear blue skies, an occasional breeze, 70 degrees, crisp-cool nights.  I’ve been so eager to get out into the woods, I can hardly stand it. Crunchy leaves, wonderful fall colors, and the sunlight so bright, it makes each day seem like a jewel to me.  So it wasn’t surprising that I wanted to get Tahoe out into the field as soon as I could.  It may have been a little early, but it was great to get out into the field and let her fly free.

We went to a place close to home because once the sun goes down, it get’s dark pretty quick.  We were out in the field for just over an hour before sunset tonight to get in a few moments of hunting.  What a grand way to start the season!  Tahoe took to a perch and appeared to be enjoying her release for a few minutes before she took off across the field and landed hard underneath a pine tree.  I didn’t make it over to her in time, but I did catch her wolfing down the last bite of what appeared to be a mouse.  When I got over to her, she jumped up into the trees and I couldn’t see her.  The leaves on the trees were just too thick and they concealed her very well.  Once I did find her, I took a few steps toward her and a pheasant went up.  Tahoe jumped out of the trees and nailed it! Wow!   I can only hope that her next hunt is just as successful.

What a great way to end the day; game in the bag, hawk in the box, a proud sponsor,  a smiling falconer and his son enjoying the outdoors together!  Big thanks also go to my wife who helped me get ready for my day.  Thanks Sweetie!

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Family Hunting Introduction

November 19th, 2009

Introducing Marius to Hunting

The other afternoon, my eldest son, Marius was able to join Tahoe and me on a rabbit hunt for the first time. It was a short hunt, but a great way to introduce Marius to walking around the woods, brush-beating for Rabbits.  We got to see Tahoe fly a little bit and follow along.  It was a good introduction for both of us and Marius had a good time.  It’s always important to ensure positive outdoor experiences for children whenever possible.

Marius enjoys going for walks in the outdoors as they are great adventures for both of us.  Tahoe is a great hunting partner for us and every day Marius looks forward to the next time that we get to go Hunting.

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