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Annual Bird Hunt 2014

October 30th, 2014

Annual Bird Hunt 2014

 Going Home Empty

We’ve been hunting the northern woods together as a family tradition for more than 25 years.   In all those years, there were many times where the weather didn’t cooperate, the timing of the season didn’t work out *just quite right* and yet we were always successful hunters.  This year, it would seem that the harsh winter of 2014 took it’s toll on the populations of Michigan game birds (ruffed grouse and woodcock) and took down many of the birds that we had hunted in past years.  We’ve scouted special hunting areas for years, changed up our tactics based on the weather, time of day, food and cover and ALWAYS found birds. After 25 years of hunting these ‘gooney-birds’ we expect to get better at our craft each year, and we are getting better each year.  This year, however, the birds were not in the same great habitat places in any numbers comparison to previous years.  A disappointment for the season for sure, but these things happen with severe winters.

A Preview of Things To Come

This picture is a preview of things to come if you have ever come across these marks in the forest.  The marks on the trees indicate that these are about to be harvested from the forest for some logging program.  While this saddens my heart to know that we are loosing some great grouse habitat, it will return in a few years time.  The transitional zones of the hardwood forest are always great grouse areas to hunt and it will only take 7-10 years for these areas to recover after logging.  Looks like it’s time to go scouting again along two-tracks for another hunting area for a couple of years.

Profile Picture Update

I’ve made this a tradition, if nothing more than a reason to keep my site up to date.  A fall hunting profile picture that best displays my current Red-Tail and myself in the fall evening.  I so enjoy hunting in the fall in the northern woods of Michigan.

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