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Annual Bird Camp Weekend – 2012

November 6th, 2012

Annual Bird Camp Weekend – 2012

The Annual Bird Camp Weekend is always a fun time with family in the woods of northern Michigan. This seasonal gathering at the cabin was later than usual, but was still a great time together. Our usual hunting spots were less productive this year than in previous years. Flushes were down and number of birds were down as well. It’s difficult to say just what was the cause of the difference in our hunting experience this year, but there are a few factors that we think contributed to the off-year. Hurricane Sandy ripped across the eastern United States just a few days before this weekend and had a significant impact on the weather in Michigan for the previous four days. The hunt was two weeks later than in previous years which has effects with the weather (it was colder) and the Woodcock had migrated through the area already. Lastly, the hot, dry summer seems to have affected the food sources for many of the wildlife animals that inhabit the forest. Wintergreen berries and thornapples were very scarce which is a typical favorite food of the Ruffed Grouse.

We ventured to the typical hunting areas that we have code names for: Gooney Bird Central, DoodleVille East and West, along with “The Meadows”. Each place has it’s own character and set of stories from adventures from years past. We had enough flushes each day just to keep it interesting, but not quite the action packed adventures like in past years. That’s the way it goes sometimes, and as much as I practiced this summer at sporting clays, it did serve me well this year as I was the only successful hunter this year with one Partridge in the bag. Tough luck for a tough year. We’ll get em next year.

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