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Aurora, Snowy Owl

June 18th, 2015

Aurora, Snowy Owl

I knew from the moment I first saw her that she was going to break my heart. It wasn’t going to be deliberate or purposeful but I knew it was going to happen. And so the time has come for me to say goodbye to an enchanting princess from the snowy wilderness of the arctic tundra. She spent six whole months with me and my family despite all of the kind efforts and training of falconry, she would not adapt to the life of falconry,  nor could I retrain her from the wilderness that she had known all of her life. It was the most difficult falconry decision I’ve had to make, but it was for the best. She has moved on to the next chapter in her life and I hope she will do good things in her next adventures. Good Luck, enchanting white princess.

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