Raptors Used in Falconry

The sport of falconry has been around for centuries, but Modern falconry has only been round in the United States only recently by comparison.  Falconry in the United States has had to adapt century old training techniques and equipment to the raptors available in this country.

Raptors used in Falconry*

[Red-Tailed Hawk]

[American Kestrel]

[Coopers Hawk]


[Harris’ Hawk]

[Peregrine Falcon]

[Golden Eagle]

[Northern Goshawk]

Other Raptors Not Used for Falconry or Hunting

[Bald Eagle]


[Broad-Winged Hawk]]

[Rough-legged Hawk]




“Raptor Life Histories.” Raptor Life Histories. 01 Jan. 2007. Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. 29 June 2009 http://hawkmountain.org/index.php?pr=Raptor_Life_History.

* Raptors used in falconry, currently in the State of Michigan, with the exception of the Golden Eagle. Additional Raptor profiles will become available as more research is conducted and information gathered.

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