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Mews Perch Replacement

August 13th, 2011

Mews Perch Replacement

With a moulting raptor bouncing around the mews, the perches get some heavy abuse.  Since Trasher has been enjoying her stay in the Hawk Mews, she’s been living up to her name, trashing the place about once a week.   The 1/2″ perches that were originally installed into the perches were not sufficient to take her high levels of activity.  Thus, the 1/2″ perches took quite a beating and required fixing, gluing or replacement about once a week.  So it came to pass that it was necessary to rework the perches with a more heavy and robust construction.


I used 3/4″ PVC this time and wrapped it with rubber pipe insulation instead of foam.  This gave the perch a little more springy feeling and absorbs much of the impact of the raptor landing and jumping around the mews.  The hockey tape keeps the rubber in place and keeps them relatively clean.  So far, the past two weeks have held up to Trasher’s activity and they are still holding strong.


3/4″ PVC

3/4″ 45 degree elbows

3/4″ mounting plates / flange

3/4″ Male Adapter

PVC Glue

Rubber Pipe Insulation

Hockey Tape

* old bicycle tires work *GREAT* as perch wrapping, so does neoprene.

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