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Mews: Phase IV

September 21st, 2009

Mews: Phase IV

Another weekend of great work-progress was made on the mews this week.   With two days of sweat, focus, and effort, the roof, flashing, and copula were cut and assembled.  The picture above shows the slanted, octagonal roof to match the sides of the mews, with an ornately decorated copula on the top. All that you see was designed by my lovely wife and she assembled the copula and attached the copper also.  The sides of the mews are now ready for siding and the roof is now ready for cedar-shake shingles.

On a side note, the mews had it’s first resident for a week.  We were hawk-sitting “Buster”, a mild mannered Harris Hawk while the owner was on Vacation.  Buster enjoyed his vacation and lodging for the week,  as he rated the mews a 5-star accommodation!

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