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Mews: Phase III

August 3rd, 2009

Mews Phase III

This past weekend I was able to get the additional materials needed to complete the mews structure. We cut the pieces to the proper size to replace the worn, warped boards. I used a nice laminate board for the inside liner, and then screwed them together. This is an important phase in getting the mews completed: the main construction. With the patio paver base and drain completed in Phase III, the relatively flat surface was ready to support the main structure.

So, there are a few details left to complete before the mews is inspection-ready. I’ll finish the inside liner panels soon, and then be able to work on the perches, because those have to be just right. The door latch system needs to be figured out, as the old latch was a little difficult to work. It will get sorted out soon enough. Another last final step is to get the drain properly buried and set. Progress is constantly being made in a positive direction! This is good, because this is one of the larger projects I’ve undertaken in my life.

Now that the lining panels have been installed, my attention turns to the door-latch system. I was able to get the door more secured with the latch system, and put in some new bolts; now it closes and is held closed by the new latches. I’ll need to add an inside latch, as well as a drape or a shower curtain to prevent the raptor from flying out the door when I enter the mews.

Another major aspect of the inside of the mews is installing the proper perches in the right places in the mews. Each window needs a perch, as well as a night / roost perch that’s a little higher up for her. I just need to get the proper wrapping and they’ll be ready. I also need to build one flat-perch made out of wood, with a foam base, and cover it with green outdoor carpeting. I’ll differentiate that “green outdoor carpet” is much different than “astroturf.” I purchased some astroturf to cover the perches in the giant hood, as well as for the scale. That serves a special purpose to provide good comfortable cushion for getting on and off the scale, in and out of the giant hood.

Stay tuned for Phase IV, as I’ll include the detailed pics there.

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