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Barred Owl

November 18th, 2015

Barred Owl

It’s not too often that I get to see a Barred Owl, let alone two of them.  The story is fascinating for sure, but it was over within two minutes and I was fortunate enough to catch this pic of this guy sitting down in the meadow, just in front of my deer blind before dark.  One owl called to the other, and one of them flew over my deer blind and tackled the other out of a pine tree.  They tussled and tumbled to the ground, making amazing sounds the entire battle. It was over in a few minutes, with one owl bouncing out of the brush and taking a breather out in the open for a minute.

After a brief rest, he jumped back up into the pine trees, in pursuit of the other intruder.  The chase continued in another part of the forest.

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