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Field Meet 2011

February 6th, 2011

MHC Field Meet 2011
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Earlier this month, the Michigan Hawking Club held their annual field meet in DeWitt, Michigan.  While this was the central location for the club’s activities, the real fun happened out in the fields and surrounding area (Lansing, St.Johns, etc.).  I was able to get out into the field for a better part of the morning with some other falconers and we had some good results.  Our Morning provided two slips for another falconer, with a third slip successful on a rabbit. At least there was one successful hunter for the morning!  My morning with Tahoe was slightly troublesome, getting her out in the open field with more additional falconers was distracting for her.

The afternoon was the usual fun and hawk-talk with folks back at the community center for a great evening meal, along with the fun of the auctions.  Lots of great falconry items that went to a good cause.  Hope to see you at our next falconry field meet or club event!

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