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Want to Learn More About Falconry?

September 9th, 2010

Want to learn more about falconry?

The late summer and early fall offers several falconry education events at local Michigan Outdoor Expos and hunting fairs.  The Michigan Hawking Club, as part of it’s commitment to falconry, conservation, and education, participates with several Michigan Outdoor Expos.  It’s a great opportunity for the falconry community to educate folks on the conservation efforts that falconers and other raptor enthusiasts contribute to during the course of the year.  It is also a great time for public folks to get an up-close and personal view of the birds that falconers use for falconry. Falconers from all over the state come and talk to folks about the ecology of raptors, the sport of falconry, and share outdoor adventure experiences.

This coming weekend is the first of such events at the Woods-N-Water Outdoor Weekend in Imlay City, Michigan.  The Michigan Hawking Club will have a tent for falconry discussions on Sunday only. Tahoe and I will be there talking to folks about falconry. I’ll be doing all the talking 🙂

Listed below are the fall events where the Michigan Hawking Club has a tent display where are experienced falconers talk with folks who have questions about raptors, falconry, and hawking in general.

Links to the Events:
Woods-n-Water Outdoor Weekend, Imlay City, MI
HawkFest, Lake Erie Metropark, Rockwood, MI
CraneFest, Bellevue, MI

Hope to see you there!


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