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Cold-Days, January 2015

January 22nd, 2015

Cold-Days, January 2015

Our recent excursion out to the hunting grounds provided Cedar some success as she caught a rabbit in the thick underbrush this past weekend.  The cold snap in early January finally relented to a more moderate temperature for this time of the year.  The negative wind-chills and single digit temps make it difficult to hunt AND maintain weight for a falconry raptor.  So we’ve been staying in the house at night and eating up a little extra to combat the extreme wind-chills during the day.

I flushed this rabbit way ahead of Cedar and when I gave the game call, I was surprised to hear her flight over my shoulder so quickly. She stooped at the rabbit, only to have him hold in some thick, compacted stick pile.  Once she checked off, the rabbit must have flushed again, and continued through the snow. I found Cedar a few minutes later huddled under a log in an attempt to hide her prey.  She traded off for the lure easily enough and we finished up our hunt on a great note!


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