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October 9th: After a successful hunt

October 9th, 2011

 Oct 9: A successful hunting afternoon

I got Sable out for the afternoon.  Even with temperatures in the 80’s, it was great to get out and walk around.  Walking is difficult with the grass so high and the leaves on the trees.  It’s difficult to see the game (if any) and the bird in the trees.  Our outing today proved a successful one with Sable taking a gardner snake out in the forest.  A good day’s hunt ended with a wonderful evening.


I’m adding to this picture today to  leave a few remarks about the fantastic weather we’ve been having.  The last two weeks of September were quite dreadful for the start of the Autumn.  Two counter-clockwise rotating low-pressure systems flowed slowly across the state, back to back during the last two weeks in September, which made for awful weather.  Grey overcast days with rain, most often coming out of the wrong direction, and always during the end of the day.  It made training Sable difficult, but I did it in the rain anyway.  Since October 1st, now ten days ago, we have had perfect weather for *ANY* season in Michigan;  80° degrees during the day with low humidity, a slight breeze, and then a cool, 58-60° degree night that cools off quickly in the early evening.  It was so nice this past weekend, I camped out in the tent in the backyard with Marius.  This is one of our favorite things to do during the summer too, but the weather was just too hot at night during July and August.

This has quite possibly been the best fall weather, or Indian Summer that I can remember in all my years of appreciating Fall.  The sun has been bright and the fall colors have been as vibrant as I can remember. I have been able to get outside each day for training and on the weekend, get out to the woods for some additional training and hunting with my fresh red-tail.  It has been quite romantic for me to sit out on the deck, watch a nature program and enjoy a nice glass of scotch in the evening breeze with a  candle glowing softly on the table.  Even more picturesque with the full moon rising through the high-level clouds in the early evening.  I so love this season, and the warm enjoyable weather makes it so sweet, so beautiful that I just want it to last for another month. But alas, as wonderful as this is, 45-50° is better for hunting and walking though the woods.


“Some people hear their own inner voices with great clearness and they live by what they hear. Such people become crazy, or they become legends. “


“When the voices on the inside become clearer and louder than the voices on the outside you have mastered your life.”

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