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Improved Deer Blind Construction

October 12th, 2016

New Deer Blind

The trusty deer blind that had served me for several years in the woods had deteriorated beyond repair. The inside of the blind had been covered in black mold, the roof was no longer protection from the rain, and the walls had rotted beyond stability. So, this year a new deer blind was constructed in it’s place with a few new amenities, like additional headroom. The construction of this blind was the brainchild of my brother, who put together a brilliant plan and orchestrated the entire construction effort at Deer Camp.

We are going to let it ‘blend in’ to the woods, finish up a few additional details in a couple of weeks, and then we’ll ready for deer camp in November. Shelter from the wind, rain, and snow is minimal, at best, but a necessary shelter for hunting the elusive White-Tailed Deer in Northern Michigan in the fall. Wish me luck this year!

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