Falconry Journal / HawkLog for iOS 7

I’ve recently released my very first iOS application that will solve a problem for me and for many others I know.  I wanted a way to enter raptor weight into an iPhone application that will keep a running log of my birds’ weight.  This page will be the home for any discussion, updates, and requirements gathering for future versions.



HawkLog app is the perfect way to record information and keep track of the weight of your falconry birds.  Creation of profile records for your falconry birds and weight logs for daily weight entry. Weight entry can be in Ounces (English) or Grams (Metric). A graph display will show you a graph of recent weight log entries for your bird. This application was designed for iOS 7 for Falconers by a falconer!

The HawkLog application for iPhone and iOS 7 is the ideal way to keep track of your raptor’s weight and daily activities for Falconry. HawkLog uses native iOS 7 controls and is designed and optimized for quick weight entry in responsive, optimized workflow screen panels. Enter your daily information in your raptor profile in an efficient workflow!

Major Features:
Multiple Raptor Profiles (with pictures)
Raptor Profile detailed information entry
Daily Log Entry
Weight Log Export


I’m a Software Engineer that usually works in Java code and other testing tools for websites.  My technical background is in application testing for large companies and enterprise-level applications.  This programming adventure is serving a two-fold purpose: 1) to learn how to program in iOS and use XCode for development and 2) to fill a technical need for my falconry adventures and bring my weight logging into the smartphone / digital age. I’m happy to share it with the falconry community and hope that others find it as useful as I do.

By far, the biggest challenge is getting used to the XCode IDE environment and learning about all the nuances to iOS development AND the Objective-C programming language. This is a side project in addition to my work, family, fatherly, and falconry duties (basically LIFE) and I’m working on this in what little spare time I do have.  Please keep that in mind as you visit this page looking for updates or developments and enhancements. Valid suggestions for additional features and enhancements will be given serious consideration based on technical implementation, scalability, and usefulness.






If you like this app and enjoy it’s functionality, please leave me a positive comment using the form below.  Also, please leave good reviews on the iTunes store! Thanks!

Features for Release 1.0

1. Raptor Profile Entry – Keep relevant information on your falconry birds.

2. Species entry – a list of species information and basic data. You can enter your own Common Name and Species.

3. Weight entry (in grams or ounces).

4. Weight Log view and Export



1.  Charting Options

– Scale, duration, etc.

2. Enhanced Graphics and application theme
– icons, pictures, graphics

3. Hunting Log / Game Count information (with icons)

4. Falconers Journal Features

– Notes, logs, bird condition, etc.

5. Conversion of ounces to grams and grams to ounces.


Stay tuned for updates and additional features!



1. Will you be creating an Android Version of this app?  – No.

2. I really want the app to do ‘x’, can you make it do that?  – Anything is possible. I’ll consider feature enhancements for future releases.

3. When will you release the next update with new features? -Don’t know.

4. Can you make it compatible with the iPad?  Not sure about the demand for that. If there is enough interest, then I’ll seriously consider it for an enhancement.

5. My raptor species isn’t included in the default list, can I add my own?  YES, that’s built into the app.

6. Is there a limit on the number of bird profiles I can create?   No.

7. I have an older iPhone / iOS version.  Can you please make it backwards compatible?  – I would suggest upgrading your iOS version. If you are unable to do that, I’m sorry.



Feature Request Form

If you’d like to submit a feature request, please feel free to send a feature request using the form below.

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