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You might be a falconer if…

November 22nd, 2010

You might be a falconer if…

You pull out your phone from your pocket and it has tidbits stuck to it.

You open your car door and it smells like death from rotten meat left on the lure.

You crane your neck out the window trying to identify the raptor you saw perched in that tree.

You start talking to your apprentice like Yoda, and they don’t understand why.

You go into a pet store and ask a clerk if they have ‘hawk-chew-toys.’

You have plastic-ware in your refrigerator clearly marked ‘Hawk Food’ so nobody goes snacking on your mice.

You proudly show off your girl to other men and invite them to feel her breast.

Your child’s hamsters or gerbils start missing one at a time.

You don’t mind blood, feathers, fur or meat bits in your truck but freak out when the kids make a mess with their cereal snack bags in the back seat.

You start thinking squirrel tidbits taste good.

You check roadkill for freshness.

Your three year old knows how to identify turkey vultures and red-tail hawks by sight.

You hunt for rabbits with your hawk at Deer Camp right after you shoot your deer and hang it on the buck pole.

Please feel free to leave a comment with your own experience of being a falconer.

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