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Falconry Bumper Stickers

August 22nd, 2011

Falconry Bumper Stickers

I thought I’d have a little fun with some bumper stickers and falconry slogans. If falconry humor was a little more widespread, you might see more of these on the back of some facloner’s cars.

  • My Red-Tail can eat your Kestrel.
  • My Peregrine Falcon can knock your Red-Tail out of the sky.
  • Hoot if you love Owls.
  • Screech if you love Hawks.
  • Stoop if you fall for Falconers.
  • Falconers love rabbits too; in the freezer or in the stew!
  • There’s room for all God’s creatures, right next to the mashed potatoes.
  • Falconers do it in the bushes.
  • Got Talons?
  • I brake for Raptors!
  • My Raptor eats my roadkill.
  • I’d rather be flying my [accipiter | falcon | buteo]
  • My Other car is a Millenium Falcon.
  • Hunt hard, Kill quickly, [waste nothing] Offer no apologies.
  • I do all my own falconry stunts.
  • The Family that Preys together, stays together!
  • Falconry is for the Birds!


If you have an additional idea for a funny falconry slogan or bumper sticker, please leave a comment!  I’d love to add your addition to the collection!

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  1. August 22nd, 2011 at 21:15 | #1

    Women Falconers do it with Raw Meat!

    OK . . . Men Falconers do it with raw meat too . . . but it doesn’t have the same effect!

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