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Raptor Foot Care

September 28th, 2011

Raptor Foot Care




This picture is from trapping day as we dressed and cleaned up Sable after getting her home.  The dirty feet and marks and splotches indicate wear and tear possibly as a result of recent tangles with squirrels or other small biting mammals.  As I scrubbed and cleaned her feet up, one of the spots opened up an started bleeding.  The Scales were quite dry, hard and cracked.




This picture is after nine days of regular washing, scrubbing, and lotion.  The talons are bright and glistening.  Small dark splotches still exist due to scabs and possibly scars that continue to heal up. Given enough time, these will disappear and the scales will grow strong in their place.


Clean feet make for a happy raptor.  As I outlined in my ‘raptor talon spa‘ program that I designed, it’s a regular practice with my Raptors  in order to keep clean feet.  It’s also entirely possible that two or three soaking sessions in the tub could yield the same results.  Since Sable is a freshly trapped bird, I’m opting for ‘on-the-glove’ care for now.  When I have more confidence in her ability for soaking her feet, I’ll get her in the soak tub I designed.  So far, I’m pleased with her tolerance of the scrubbing and cleaning and positive  results are starting to show in the condition of her feet.

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