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Falconry Equipment Inspection Checklist

August 12th, 2009

Preparing for Inspection

One of the most important steps in getting your falconry license is the inspection by the DNR / WFS. You’ll need to have designed and built your mews according to the requirements and ensured that your facilities are raptor-safe. Have your sponsor look over your mews design plans and talk through different ideas for your particular situation. You may find that your sponsor’s experience is very helpful with planning and design concerns. If you have good relations with other falconers, be sure to invite them out and have them take a peek at it also. Some of the little things that are apparent to the experienced eye can help you out later. It’s good to get a third and fourth opinion on some things in order to ensure the best possible housing for your raptor.

Your equipment list by this time should be narrowed down to just a few things left. You’ll need the big items, of course: perch, leashes, jesses, swivels, anklets, water dish/bowl, glove, etc.. It is a good idea to have your sponsor look over your equipment and make sure that everything is well suited for the raptor you expect to capture. One of the items that is NOT required, but is highly recommended is Telemetry. This is a big $$$ investment into your falconry experience, so you should make sure you have a good idea of your expected participation and use of telemetry. Of course, it goes without saying that the minute you don’t have or use telemetry, you’ll need it. Think of telemetry as an insurance policy: Sure, it’s pricy up front, but if you ever lose your bird, or she flies off after a local resident, you’ll be glad you have it.

Attached below is a basic Equipment and facilities inspection checklist / report that you can use to get yourself started on the required items for licensing.  You can also find many other examples online, such as the one supplied by the California Department of Fish and Game. Falconry Inspection Checklist

UPDATE: 08-27-2009

A Michigan DNR Conservation Officer came to inspect my facility and equipment and passed without issue!  One more step closer today along the journey of falconry.

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