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4th Year Anniversary

September 11th, 2012

Falconry Milestone:  4th Year Start

So it is with 4 Days remain until the official start of the trapping season, and I find myself reflecting upon the last three years of my journey.  I’m trying to keep it all in perspective as I embark on another chapter of the journey of life and falconry.  I won’t actually get out to go trapping until this coming Saturday, but I am still eagerly awaiting the day when I can go out trapping for my next falconry partner.

If you’ve been a regular visitor to the site, I’ve been counting the days for trapping season since about mid-June. The counter on the left has been continuously counting down.  This is as much of a ‘techie-gadget’ as it is an anticipation for the next major chapter in my falconry journey.  I’m looking forward to trapping this season with a good friend who just wanted to see how this was done. I’m sure we’ll have a  great day of it.



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