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Apprentice Workshop

July 26th, 2012

Apprentice Workshop

One of the best MHC Events during the summer (off hunting season) that falconry can offer is the Apprentice workshop that the MHC puts on for aspiring falconers. This the best event for young falconers to get to know members of the club, discuss finer topics of falconry, as well as get some hand’s on experience with making equipment. This is a workshop that the experienced club members put on for new, upcoming falconers to learn more about the details and particulars of this fine sport.

The schedule created for the event is designed to cover the wide range of topics is a full one and takes a full day to complete. While a one-day course taught by experienced falconers is not quite a comprehensive orientation, it is a good start by which someone can make some intelligent decision making about continuing to persue the sport.
* Photography credits to Deborah O.

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