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Apprentice Milestone

September 30th, 2010

1 Year Apprentice Milestone

This week marks my first anniversary as an apprentice falconer.  Not a tremendous accomplishment, but I wanted to mark the occasion with a falconry milestone.  It was this week last year that I trapped my first wild red-tailed hawk and truly became an apprentice falconer.  One year left to complete my apprenticeship and we’ll be celebrating a different milestone next year.

I am truly grateful for all the help and assistance that I’ve received from the Michigan Falconry Community that is really supportive of young apprentices.  My sponsor and several other falconers have lent a helping hand to my and my first hawk. I am truly humbled by their years of experience and wealth of knowledge on the art and sport of falconry.

Most importantly, I can not write about reaching my goals as a falconer without mentioning the tremendous support from my wife.  All of her time, design effort, and collaboration discussions have made a difficult hobby / sport easily integrated into our busy daily life.  I am truly grateful for her assistance with this endeavor.

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