How-To: Bells and Bewits

December 14th, 2011

How-To: Bells and Bewits

Bells are important equipment for your raptor that let you know about how he/she is doing. There is nothing more pleasant than the sound of the bells, ringing as they leave the branch of a tree after spotted game.  You know it when you hear it.  The rest of the time, the bells can tell you where your raptor is and enable you to more easily find him/her in the brush. For some falconers, the sound of ringing bells can indicate when to duck, too. Knowing your raptor’s activity by the bells sound helps you stay alert to where your raptor is.

First, you need a set of bells.  Ideally, they will have a nice sound, each bell having a different pitch or tone.  They should be large enough to be heard, but small enough not to encumber your raptor while out in the field or in the mews. Bell types can vary from standard acorn-style to equator-style bells with little differences in construction. Pakistani bells are similar and usually cost a little less.

There are a few ways to attach bells to your raptor;
1. Use a roo-leather bewit with jess-grease or oiled.

2. Attach the bell permanently to the anklet. Use a leather hole punch, leather strap, and a rivet. (or use a zip-tie)

3. Attach the bell to the squirrel chaps (using same method for anklet).
4. Other mounting methods include a Tail mounted bell or a neck-mounted bell (unsure here).

3. Bewit Construction

a. Roo Leather
b. rivet / leather
c. Zip tie
d. roo leather / zip tie combo

If you have any suggestions or comments about bewit use and personal experience, please leave a comment!

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