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Rolled Leather Anklets

June 22nd, 2016

Rolled Leather Anklets

I was introduced to rolled anklets the other day and worked out a pattern. The full templates are attached at the bottom of this post as a downloadable PDF.  The patterns are drawn to scale.

Raptor Anklet Patterns (Downloadable PDF)

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More Falconry Leash Crafts

September 22nd, 2014

More Falconry Leash Crafts

Made this set the other day

Made this set the other day

So I made this leash and jess set the other day.  The leash braiding is outlined in another post, and the Jesses are simple paracord jesses.  The beauty part of the leash are the Goucho knots on each end made from 150# black Dacron Kite String.

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Kestrel Jewelry

September 9th, 2014

Micro Equipment

So I made some equipment for a kestrel the other day. It was a new challenge to my falconry craft skills to see if I could make something on a smaller scale that works for a small raptor. I don’t own one of these little guys, but I like to make different equipment for all types of raptors in order to keep my craft skills sharp.
I had the privilege / experience of changing out some equipment on ‘Tulip‘, a 2-yr old female kestrel earlier this summer at the falconry apprentice workshop. I learned very quickly that casting and changing equipment on a Kestrel is VERY different than changing out equipment on a Red-Tailed Hawk (and a little more painful too).
So, I thought I’d give a shot at creating some smaller-scale equipment and see how it turned out. Listed below is breakdown of how I put these together.

Kestrel Equipment:

Leash: I took a four-foot length of paracord and inverted it through itself, looping the coast-lock swivel through the eyelet.  I melted the end so that one could easily tie the falconers knot onto a glove.  After conferring with another falconer who does fly kestrels regularly, he highly recommends keeping the swivel small and light. They don’t have to be terribly large or rugged for the light raptors.

Hunting Jess: I used 150# dacron kite string with a button knot on the top. These are small, light, and will not get in the way for the kestrel while hunting. There is no loop or hook on these, so the kestrel can hunt and won’t get hung up on anything. The button knot on the top is large enough that it won’t go through the anklet strap.

Perching / Mews Jess: I took two lengths of 150# dacron string, twisted a loop at the end, and then started a 4-strand braid pattern until the desired length. I tied a crowd sinnet knot at the top and then melted the strands flat. Again, these knots are too large to pull through the anklet strap and will make a secure hold. This is a very strong type of jess that would hopefully withstand any abuse that the kestrel could exact on it’s equipment.  These are designed for long-term wear, especially when the kestrel is not free-lofted in a mews.  These work great on a flat block perch with a little astroturf on the top.

Anklets: I made two styles here, guessing on the size of the kestrel leg (didn’t have an example to measure against) and how hard the kestrel is on their equipment. The black leather is slightly thicker (medium weight roo) and the brown leather is thin weight. Each has a pass-through hole for the opposite side of the anklet and an ‘x’ for the jess strap. I cut the fringe as finely as I could and greased them up with jess grease so that you could slip the left side through the securing hole on the right side.

Hopefully the new owner of the equipment, when I find someone willing to try them out, can provide me some feedback as to the durability of the equipment and design so that I improve on the manufacturing process in the future.



Cedar’s New Hood

November 9th, 2012

Cedar’s New Hood

Over the summer this year I was admiring a fellow falconer’s new Kestrel. He had a hood made for it and it was very small and very fine quality. The hood-making aspect of falconry is another craft and hobby that I’m just not willing to dive into yet, if at all. More hours of dedication and enthusiasm for another art form does not appeal to me in my current family lifestyle. Since Cedar could not wear the one large hood that I have, I needed to get one specifically just for her. The new hood is a size 22 blocked Indian-Style hood made by Chris Proctor ( It is quite the fine piece of art and the fit is great!


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New How-To Article for Paracord Jesses

July 6th, 2012

Paracord Jesses

After finishing up a few new leashes with some 4-strand braiding techniques, I moved on to making jesses out of paracord.  They are made from very strong nylon material and are relatively easy to make.  You can check out the full article here.

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