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Sabre’s Release

After almost 3 years of Sabre as my hunting partner, she was released back into the wild on a rainy mothers day. She was in good health and is happy to be back soaring among the clouds.

She was released this spring as a promise to her the day I trapped her, as with all the raptors that I trap from the wild. I do enjoy them for a period of time, and then it is my belief that they should go back to where they came from to continue to be a part of the natural world. Each falconer has their own beliefs for how long a period of stay they should have as a hunting partner.

So as I look forward to a summer of bird-free maintenance and trapping a new hunting partner in the fall.

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge and Magee Marsh 2018

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge and Magee Marsh 2018

Out Birding today at the Ottawa National refuge with my Adventure Girl! 69 different species spotted today. That’s a great day! 


Here’s the full list of birds we kept as a record of our adventures today:

Bald eagle
Purple Martin
Red wing blackbird
tree swallows
Canada geese
Snowy Egret
Great blue heron
American robin
Purple finch
White egret
Wood ducks
Downy woodpecker
Mallard duck
Cooper’s Hawk
Trumpeter Swan
Swamp sparrow
Sandhill crane
Blue wing teal
Brown headed cowbird
Lesser yellowlegs
Northern shoveler
Ruby crown d kinglet
Yellow rumpled warbler
House wren
Blue grey gnatcatcher
Barn swallow
Redtail hawk
Pied billed grebe
Green heron
White crowned sparrow
Palm warbler
Yellow warbler
Downy woodpecker
Brown thrasher
American coot
Common turn
Caspian turn
Ring billed gull
Herring full
Ring neck ducks
Lesser scaup
Golden Crowned king
Pine warbler
Brewers blackbird
Rusty blackbird
Hermit thrush
Turkey vulture
Pine warbler
Red bellied woodpecker
Bonapartes gulls
Dark eyed junco
Ruddy duck
Song sparrow
American kestrel

Chipping Sparrow

House Sparrow

Sharp-shinned Hawk


Cedar’s Release

Cedar’s Release

Today, I released my hunting partner back to the wild.  After five years of hunting for critters and walking through the woods together, it was her time to enjoy the natural world again. It was a bittersweet moment for us as we watched Cedar do her victory lap around the field before finding a safe perch in a pine tree for the evening.  I have no doubts that she will enjoy the wilderness once again and continue to be a survivor. 


Here’s the Video of Cedar leaving the glove for the last time.