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Falconry Milestone: 5th Year of Falconry

September 23rd, 2013

Falconry Milestone: 5th Year of Falconry

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Another Fall trapping season is upon us and it is with great excitement that falconry season begins in earnest again. Fall has always been my favorite season. You can read about my full appreciation and description of fall in a previous post. My love and appreciation for fall still holds strong and I’m excited as ever for another beautiful autumn season in Michigan.

Falconry educational events are clustered in the fall to coincide with annual bird migrations and fall hunting expos. These are great avenues that I continue to enjoy the role as falconry ambassador to folks who’ve never encountered a raptor up-close. Woods-n-Water, HawkFest, and Cranefest are just a few of the many fall events that include the Michigan Hawking Club. I’ve been attending these events for the past several years for the educational opportunities and also to get to hang out with many of my super-awesome-terrific falconry friends in the community.

It is also a Falconry Milestone for me as I embark on my 5th year of Falconry. Nothing spectacular happens to you in the 5th year, nothing special. This is my own hallmark and milestone as I continue my journey into the sport of Falconry. It is with great appreciation for nature, the falconry community, and the beloved raptors that have taught me everything I’ve learned about falconry. I continue my journey with no expectations and the anticipation of more wonderful falconry adventures to come. I have no destination in mind. I do not know where I’m going, but I know that the journey and the adventures will continue to amaze me!

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4th Year Anniversary

September 11th, 2012

Falconry Milestone:  4th Year Start

So it is with 4 Days remain until the official start of the trapping season, and I find myself reflecting upon the last three years of my journey.  I’m trying to keep it all in perspective as I embark on another chapter of the journey of life and falconry.  I won’t actually get out to go trapping until this coming Saturday, but I am still eagerly awaiting the day when I can go out trapping for my next falconry partner.

If you’ve been a regular visitor to the site, I’ve been counting the days for trapping season since about mid-June. The counter on the left has been continuously counting down.  This is as much of a ‘techie-gadget’ as it is an anticipation for the next major chapter in my falconry journey.  I’m looking forward to trapping this season with a good friend who just wanted to see how this was done. I’m sure we’ll have a  great day of it.



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Welcoming “Hunter” for the Summer

May 20th, 2012

Welcoming “Hunter” for the Summer

 “You won’t realize the distance you’ve walked until you take a look around and see how far you’ve been.”

The Falconry adventure took another turn this past week, but in a good way.  With the mews empty for the spring time after the release of Sable, we were thinking that we’d have to wait for the fall trapping season before getting another resident in the mews. Well, life has a strange way of connecting those in need.  A fellow falconer is unable to hunt and care for her falconry bird, “Hunter.”  Our mews is empty and just waiting for the next resident while we fix up the mews with a few upgrades and such.  We are very fortunate to welcome Hunter the Harris Hawk to our mews for the summer. He is a four year old Male Harris Hawk that has a wonderful personality and enjoys hunting and minds well.  What’s even better, is that after a disappointing winter hunting season, we can enjoy additional summer hunting with Hunter, as he is in top shape for chasing after Starlings.

This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy some summer falconry on several levels.  First, I get to learn how the Harris Hawk behaves.  I was hoping for a new experience different than a red-tail in order to learn something different.  Absolutely nothing against the Red-Tailed Hawk, as they are certainly a majestic creature in their own right.  I simply wanted to learn something new with a different bird.  Second, I get to hunt different game.  Lastly, I can enjoy some falconry without the burdens of the cold weather and snow and ice.  Hawking in sandals and shorts sure has the comfort factor going. I’ll post the occasional hunt update on my falconry adventures with Hunter as we embark on our hunting adventures.

Hunter will go back “home” about the middle of the summer after we’ve had a chance to enjoy hunting together for a few months. We are truly blessed and thankful to have him with us.

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