Summer 2018 Update

July 3rd, 2018

Summer 2018 Update

It has been a long time since an update and a post of any significance to this blog, or for that matter, to any other social media outlet.  With the propensity for articles, pictures, sound-bytes, and posts to go viral, I never know when these adventures will get singled out by someone who has a polarizing opinion on the subject of Falconry. You just never know what is going to set someone off that will forward the post throughout the interwebs and have some warped opinion come out on the other end of it. With my experience with other falconry forums, NAFA Directors, and facebook trolls, I’m leery of posting anything remotely attackable. So, I’ll provide an update to a few choice projects and leave this here as a historical record of this summer. 


The moult for the summer is in full swing for both Sabre and Vesper.  Daily chores continue to include keeping the mews clean and getting the birds some perch / air time out of the mews.  Feathers continue to drop steadily and new feathers are growing steadily.  Both birds are going through a wonderful transformation into their adult plumage and it is a privilege to witness up close. 

Mews Update

Kelly and I continue to build a new mews for the birds with Vesper as the eventual habitant.  In addition, we expect to install a second chamber onto the first. It’s not an ideal setup, but we are making it work as best we can with the space and materials available. By the end of the summer, there will be room for 3 birds and the deck will be clear of the current mews. 

Club Activities

As a continued participating member of the MHC, the spring Apprentice Workshop was a huge success, pulling in folks from around the state.  With the help of other falconers, the instructional team that puts on the workshop is top-notch with great stories and informative slide shows.   The Summer picnic is coming up at the end of July, so we’ll all meet again for another day of falconry fun in Lansing this year. Later on in the summer, we’ll go back down to Lake Erie Metropark for HawkFest. Then the trapping gets going and all of the fall falconry and hunting events is in full swing.  



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Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge and Magee Marsh 2018

April 30th, 2018

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge and Magee Marsh 2018

Out Birding today at the Ottawa National refuge with my Adventure Girl! 69 different species spotted today. That’s a great day! 


Here’s the full list of birds we kept as a record of our adventures today:

Bald eagle
Purple Martin
Red wing blackbird
tree swallows
Canada geese
Snowy Egret
Great blue heron
American robin
Purple finch
White egret
Wood ducks
Downy woodpecker
Mallard duck
Cooper’s Hawk
Trumpeter Swan
Swamp sparrow
Sandhill crane
Blue wing teal
Brown headed cowbird
Lesser yellowlegs
Northern shoveler
Ruby crown d kinglet
Yellow rumpled warbler
House wren
Blue grey gnatcatcher
Barn swallow
Redtail hawk
Pied billed grebe
Green heron
White crowned sparrow
Palm warbler
Yellow warbler
Downy woodpecker
Brown thrasher
American coot
Common turn
Caspian turn
Ring billed gull
Herring full
Ring neck ducks
Lesser scaup
Golden Crowned king
Pine warbler
Brewers blackbird
Rusty blackbird
Hermit thrush
Turkey vulture
Pine warbler
Red bellied woodpecker
Bonapartes gulls
Dark eyed junco
Ruddy duck
Song sparrow
American kestrel

Chipping Sparrow

House Sparrow

Sharp-shinned Hawk


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Featured with MUCC

April 4th, 2018

Featured with MUCC

Kelly and I were recently featured in an article by Sarah Topp with the On The Ground program with the Michigan United Conservation Club. Thanks for the nice article, Sarah! Link to the article is below.

On the Ground: Falconry in Improved Habitat Areas


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Outdoor Magazine Podcast February 3rd!

February 5th, 2018

Outdoor Magazine Podcast February 3rd!

This week I had a chance to talk to Mike Avery from the Michigan Outdoor Magazine. 

Here’s a link to the Podcast.

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Sabre’s Moult

August 29th, 2017

Sabre’s Moult

This summer is proving out to be a very educational one while watching Sabre moult feathers. Her blue-grey feathers are slowly starting to replace her dark-grey immature feathers.  She has a few additional tail feathers, and three primaries on each wing left to go.   We’ll start conditioning in September to prepare for October Hunting.  I am so excited to see her adult plumage I can hardly stand it.  She’s going to be quite striking as an adult!

       * Top Photo Courtesy of Lauren Anderson

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